Family and Staff

It wouldn’t make much sense without the right people around you.

Familie und MitarbeiterThe family: with my sons, Elias (16) and Pablo (14) naturally first and my partner Susanne with her daughters, Jana (18) and Mika (15) and Luna (13) ensure a lively vineyard.

Something is always going on here. Also the seniors; Grandpa Hans at 80 years+and Grandma Traudel are fully active working in the vineyard. Because the Bio wine cross-border production provides a lot of work for many hands we couldn’t imagine doing without our permanent staff. Januz: responsible for the cultivation and filling; Rudi looks after the office, the book keeping, sales and wine tasting. Renate, the whirlwind in the house, yard and garden and Mike our delivery man.

Together they give the work on our biological undertaking a lot of enjoyment. I had almost forgotten! Stefan Kuntz, who does all the things nobody else wants to do and, in addition, creates the wines in the cellar.