Wine estate

weinberge-05„Life is too short to drink bad wine.“

Our family grows vines in the foothills of the Pfälzerwald (Palatinate forest), in the southern part of the Palatinate; also known as the German Tuscany, in the small village of Mörzheim near Landau. Here you will find the fruity white wines and robust red wines of our homeland.

80,000 vines are distributed over 18 hectares. The Pfalz is well known for its great variety of wine sorts. On our estate there are Riesling, Grauburgunder, Weißburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Blanc, Muskateller, Scheureber, Silvaner, Chardonay and Regent, Saunt Laurent, Cabernet, Dornfelder and Spätburgunder.

The lasting economy of the vineyard is the result of biological cultivation. We have been connected with the Bioland Association for 25 years. In accordance with directives we foster and look after our vineyards: also in our wine cellar their strict criteria are followed.

The Bioland cultivation is, in the first place, good for the wine maker and fellow workers in so far that they are not exposed to, or come in contact with, dubious chemicals. Nature is also thankful because the many animals and plants are not overtaxed by the chemicals. The wine drinker supports all this with enjoyment and receives a first class glass of wine. In the end everyone is a winner.