The Pfalz: Our wine growing territory

hefefilterThe wine growing area of the Pfalz has many specialities: A long tradition going back to the Romans, a uniquely restricted area (85 kilometres long and less than one kilometre wide. The wine growing zone lies to the east of the Haardt mountains), outstandingly significant for marketing. (Every third bottle of wine produced in Germany comes from the Pfalz), an especially mild climate (In some years the number of hours of sun climbs to over 2000), with an impressive growing area the Pfalz has, with 23,400 hectares the second largest wine growing area in Germany. That is around a quarter of the German wine growing area.

The largest Riesling area in the world.

.above all, and not to mention the great numbers of other wines, the Pfalz has a clear profile. The Pfalz is Riesling country par excellence. The cultivated area of the “King of White Wines” is continually growing. With 5455 hectares the Pfalz is, since 2008, the largest Riesling growing area in the world. The quality is also impressive . Top Riesling from the Pfalz has been counted as amongst the most expensive and sought after wines and was served, for example, at the opening of the Suez canal in 1869. The makers of today’s wine carry on the traditions of the earlier wine makers.