Nature Park Pfälzerwald

Kapitelfoto NW Edenkoben_Blick_Neustadt_1_bearbeitet-1Partner Cooperation in the Biosphere Reserve.

In the very beginning was the grounding, in 1959, of the Pfälzer Nature Parks. It was, at that time, one of the first Nature Parks in Germany and belongs, today, with 179,000 Hectares, to one of the biggest nature parks in Germany.

Primary aim of the Nature Parks was to provide a mainly undisturbed natural landscape where people from the surrounding districts could relax and come face to face with nature. In 1967 it was officially declared a protected country side, “Nature Park Pfälzerwald.” In 1984 it was brought up to date and expanded with the aim of protecting the diversity, uniqueness and beauty of the area. In 1992, because of its special example and model characteristics it was recognised as the 12th German Biosphere Reserve by the UNESO. (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.) and accepted into the world wide net of Biosphere Reserves. Thus the Pfälzerwald is an important mosaic stone for the global maintenance of the biodiversity and controlled use of natural resources in the world. Since 1998 the area is the German part of the cross border Franco-German Biosphere Reserve, Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen, Since that time there have been many cross border projects to create a common identity and a mutual reponsibility to protect the natural and cultural inheritance.

Enjoy Phälzerwald cuisine, shop ecologically, experience the largest continuous forested area in Germany and learn more about the Biosphere Reserve. The partner undertakings in the Biosphere Reservation offer all this and much more. Since February 2004 businesses from many branches have come together to form a network.

Together with the Association of the Biosphere Reservation we have developed a mutual way for a lasting development for the region in order to achieve a particular environment and product quality.