Data protection Declaration

We would like to thank you for your interest in our on-line entrance. The protection of your personal data is very important to us.. At this time we would like to inform you about the data protection in our undertaking. Naturally we adhere to the Data Protection laws, the Tele-Media laws and other legal requirements for data protection.

You can trust us with your personal data. It is secured in a digital security system and transferred to us. Our websites are protected by technical means against damage, destruction or illegal access.

Contents of the Data Protection

The contents of the data protection are personal data. These are in accordance with §3 Abs1 BDSG details of personal or neutral information, a particular person or a corporate member who comes under these headings: eg. Information such as name, postal address, E-mail address or telephone number. In the event also business data such as IP address.

Extent of the data Collection and Storing

Generally it is not necessary to give personal data when using our website. However, when we want to carry out our services we will require personal data. This is required when sending information or goods and also when answering individual questions.

When you commission us with a service or the delivery of goods we will record and store you personal data principally only as far as the service or the completion of the contract is necessary. In addition it may be necessary to pass your personal data to another company which we use to carry out our part of the contract. These would be transport and other logistic companies.

After the completion of the contract your data will be blocked and after the tax and legal busines formalities will be deleted as far as you haven’t specifically agreed with the further use of this information.

If you have registered your E-mail address for our newsletter then we will use your E-mail address even beyond the completion of the contract for our own advertising until you withdraw from the newsletter subscription.

Data Collection with Google-Analytics

We use Google Analytics on our website. A web analysis service of Google Inc.. Google Analytics use so called “Cookies”. These deal with text data which are stored on your computer and allows the analysing of the use of the website. This deals, for example, with information about the operating system, the browser, your IP address, websites you have visited and the date and time of your visits to our website. The information over your use of our website is collected by a Google server and transferred to the USA and there saved. Google will use this information to analyse your use of our website, to prepare reports over the website activities for the website user and other internet activities coupled with other services. As far as it is legally allowed or as far as third parties are commissioned by Google then Google will pass on this information to the third party. This use is carried out anonymously or with a pseudonym.

You can find more information directly on Google at policy.htmt#information

Google uses the doubleclick DART- Cookie.

The user can deactivate the use of DART-Cookies in that you call up the data security regulation of the commercial network and commercial network from Google. In this way no personal data of the user will be saved but just the Internet protocol address. This information is used when you visit our website again you will be automatically recognised and the navigation made easier. Cookies allow us, for example, to adapt to a website of your interest or we can store your password so that you don’t have to give it each time.

Naturally you can view our websites even without Cookies. If you don’t want us to recognise your computer you can stop the saving of Cookies on your hard drive in that you set your Browser “Don’t accept any Cookies.” How that works individually please look at the instructions of your Browser manufacturer.
If, however, you don’t accept any Cookies then this can lead to restrictions of our offers.

You can stop the installation of Cookies through the appropriate setting of your Internet user’s programmes (Browser). To do this you have to switch off the saving of cookies on your internet Browser. For more information refer to the user information of your Internet-Browser.

Calling up and saving data for use

To optimise our website we collect and save data such as dates, times, page use, the page from which you called up our pages and such like so long as this data collection and saving doesn’t conflict. This is done anonymously without identifying the user of the pages personally. If need be a user profile with a pseudonym can be made up. Also there will be no connection to whoever is behind the pseudonym and the real person. To call up and save the data for use we use Cookies.
Here it concerns small text data stored in your computer for statistical information such as company operating systems, your internet operating programme (Browser), IP address, the earlier logged-in website (Referrer URL) and the time used. We call up this data solely for statistics in order to optimise our internet image and to make our offers more attractive.

The calling up and saving of data is carried out solely as anonymous or using a pseudonym that allows no tracing of the original person.

Relevant Data Use

We observe the basics of the relevant data use and pick out, work with and save your personal data only for the purpose for which you have given it to us. Passing on your personal data to a third party without your specific permission will not take place in so far that it does not concern the service or is not necessary for the carrying out of the contract. Also informing State authorised institutions and officials will be carried out within the framework of the legal information duties or when we are required to by law to give said information.

Also, we take very seriously the company’s internal data protection. Our employees and those companies contracted by us for services are required by us to observe the data protection requirements.

Information and Retraction Rights

You can receive, at any time, without having to give reasons, information about your saved data free of charge. You can, at any time, block, correct or delete stored data held by us and the anonymous data and pseudonyms of the saved data stored for optimal purposes on our website. You can als withdraw your willingness for data collection without grounds. Please use the contact address.
We are ready at all times to help you with our directions about data protection and working with your personal data